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without music, life would be a mistake



Franco Eco is an eclectic and versatile composer of soundtracks. His scores take in any kind of music, from symphonic to jazz, from rock to minimalism, from tango to electronics. The result of lengthy study and evolution of professional experience. He was one of the hundred Ambassadors of Italian cinema nominated by the Italian Minister of Foreign Affairs for the first edition of the world week of Italian cinema "Fare Cinema 2018".
Surely, he is one of the youngest Italian composers of soundtracks who works for important majors and productions such as
Warner Chappell Music, EMI/Sony, Ala Bianca GroupSky, Vatican TV and Rai. In addition to feature films, he also wrote music for several plays, dance, documentaries and short films, working for international productions from the USA, Russian, Ukrainian, Philippines and Australian.
Giuseppe Tornatore and Ennio Morricone choose a piece composed by Franco Eco inserting it in the original soundtrack of the movie The Correspondence starring Jeremy Irons and Olga Kurylenko.
Among his most important works, the original score for the 3D documentary about sanctification of
Pope Giovanni XXIII and Pope Giovanni Paolo II produced by Vatican TV and SKY.


He wrote the score for Viaggio nei fori (museum outdoor installation in Rome), setting up by Piero Angela on real remains of Imperial Forums of Rome.
Rai he wrote the soundtracks for several doc series including: I Giganti, Dario Fo e Franca Rame: la nostra storia (documentaries about the life of Italian Nobel Prize Dario Fo and his partner) and also he wrote for TV series and documentary films. Again for Rai he composed a music library for inquiry programs (Report, Chi l’ha visto?, Ballarò, etc.).
He produced the debut album of
Chiara Ranieri (X-Factor ITA). The orchestral single "vedrai vedrai" remained for one week in second place in the ranking of classical on iTunes ITA. His debut album is Dante Concert (Udu Records, 2009) concept album about the Divine Comedy prefaced by Giulio Andreotti (Chairman Dante's House in Rome).
He was a
conductor directing his own compositions for four years at the Accademia Filarmonica Romana.
He is
art director of the festivals "Festival dell’Aurora" (music), "Cinema d'aMare" (cinema), "City Plays" (theatre) taking place in Southern Italy.

He holds the position of advisor "attaché culturel" in the diplomatic corps of the Embassy of Benin, taking care of the cultural relations between the Government of Benin, the Italian State and the European Community.

He has conducted Masterclasses on the soundtrack all over the world (Los Angeles, Manila, Kiev, Rome).


Franco Eco graduated in composition at the conservatory "Saint Louis College of Music - Establishment of Higher Education in Music Art" in Rome under the guidance of M° Gianluca Podio (pupil of Ennio Morricone). He attended a masterclasses by Clint Eastwood and Christopher Nolan (Festival de Cannes 2018) and Nicola Piovani (Academy Award-winning score with Life is beautiful by Roberto Benigni). He also studied piano and violin for several years not finishing his academic studies. He has degree in “Theatrical Disciplines” at the University of Bologna, with a thesis about the soundtrack. He studied "Acting and Dramatic Art" at the School of Theatre "Colli" at Bologna, directed by Emanuele Montagna. He is currently specializing for a second degree "Musicology" at the University Roma Tre.


He was producer, director and composer of plays which have a strong musical component, including: Il colore del sole by Andrea Camilleri (one of the most important contemporary Italian writers). The phoenix and the turtledove (Shakespeare), Faust (Goethe), The little prince (A. de Saint-Exupéry), Reunion (F. Uhlman), The fall of the house of Usher (E. A. Poe), The put and the pendulum (E. A. Poe), The lover (H. Pinter), The zoo Story (E. Albee), Linee guida sulla ferocia (Latronico), Baby Boom! (Z. Ferenczova), Act without words I (S. Beckett), Alice's adventures in wonderland (L. Carroll). Directs the short film Bobok, based on the story by F. M. Dostoyevsky with Philippe Leroy and the voices Glauco Mauri, Roberto Sturno and Massimo Popolizio.


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