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Franco Eco, an eclectic and versatile soundtrack composer, is also a distinguished theater director, artistic director, and cultural manager. Having composed over 50 soundtracks for movies and documentaries, he has collaborated with prestigious international film productions, thereby solidifying his status as one of the most prolific composers of his Italian generation. His work spans across several countries, including Italy, the United States, Russia, Ukraine, the Philippines, and Australia, showcasing his remarkable ability to adapt to diverse global contexts. Additionally, Eco has directed significant cultural projects in collaboration with institutional entities such as ministries and embassies.


Education and Artistic Influences. Eco obtained a degree in DAMS (Arts, Music, and Show Business) and a specialized degree in Theater Studies from the University of Bologna. His musical journey began with piano and violin studies, culminating in graduating with the highest honors in composition from the Saint Louis College of Music in Rome. His work is deeply influenced by his studies in art and philosophy, particularly inspired by figures from the Italian neo-avant-garde "Gruppo 63", such as philosopher Luciano Nanni and writer Giuliano Scabia. He further honed his skills under the tutelage of eminent masters like Gabriele Lavia, Glauco Mauri, and Emanuele Montagna. Additionally, he deepened his understanding of cultural policies with specialized studies at the "Scuola di Servizio Civico", founded by Francesco Rutelli.


Career and Recognitions. Franco Eco's debut album, "Dante Concert" (2009), achieved international acclaim, featuring a preface by Giulio Andreotti. His most renowned works include the soundtrack for the Vatican-produced documentary on the canonization of Pope John Paul II and Pope John XXIII, as well as his compositions for the museum installation at the Imperial Fora in Rome, curated by Piero Angela. In 2022, he produced and arranged "Povera patria" by Franco Battiato, performed by Antonella Ruggiero and Oleksandr Iarmola, to support Ukrainian refugees. Additionally, one of Eco's compositions was selected by Giuseppe Tornatore and Ennio Morricone for the soundtrack of the film "The Correspondence" (2016), starring Jeremy Irons. Eco has been honored with various awards, including a Globo d’Oro nomination in 2019 for "Best Music" and an IIFA award in Los Angeles for "Best Original Score" in 2016. He received the Premio Sonora as the best young composer in 2014 and the Leoncino d'Oro per il Teatro at the Biennale di Venezia with the theater company Pantakin in 2006. In 2022, he was bestowed with the Diploma Honoris Causa in Arts and Entertainment by the Municipality of Bologna and the Colli Theater School of Bologna.

Theatrical and Managerial Experiences. In 2008, Franco Eco debuted as a theater director, presenting notable works such as Andrea Camilleri's 'Il colore del sole,' which premiered at the Piccolo Teatro di Milano. He has directed plays by renowned authors like Shakespeare, Goethe, Beckett, Albee, Pinter, Poe, and Aristophanes. In 2009, he directed the musical short movie "Bobok", based on a story by F. M. Dostoevsky, featuring Philippe Leroy. As a cultural manager, Eco has created and overseen a diverse array of both national and international projects, encompassing ethnomusicological research, youth training, major event coordination, and cultural diplomacy, notably including his involvement in Sudan during the 2021 coup. From 2017 to 2020, he served as the cultural attaché at the Embassy of Benin in Italy, overseeing cultural relations between the Benin government, the Italian State, and the European Community. He has been the artistic director for various music and film festivals, such as Festival dell’Aurora, Cinema d’Amare, and City Plays, and is the founder and director of the Festival della Colonna Sonora. For the Regione Calabria, he conducted ethnomusicological research and made significant contributions through his publications. Additionally, he curated the exhibition 'From Drawing to Scene,' showcasing Dario Fo's paintings.

Teaching Activities and International Recognitions. Franco Eco has conducted masterclasses on soundtrack composition in various cities worldwide, including at the Italian Cultural Institute in Los Angeles, for the Film Development Council of the Philippines in Manila, during the 47th Molodist Film Festival in Kyiv, at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Cotonou, Benin, and at the Italian Embassy in Khartoum, Sudan. Beyond these initiatives, he has engaged in extensive training activities at conservatories, universities, and schools across Italy. In 2018 and 2019, he was recognized as one of the hundred Ambassadors of Italian Cinema by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, contributing to the global promotion of Italian cinema during the program "Fare Cinema". He is also an active member of the ACMF (Association of Film Music Composers).


Outside his professional career, Franco Eco nurtures a passion for astrophysics and cosmology, engages in fossil.

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